Hello, my name is Peter.

Fish On! Living well, then in an instant, it was all taken away!

Laying in pain in the ER waiting to be operated on. An emergency helicopter ride to Kelowna General ‘s Cardiac Clinic. Waking up in a new city with new people, groggy from a 14-hour surgery. I wasn’t expected to live. I was 39 years old.

Royal Inland Hospital was my new home for almost a year. I rehabilitated extremely hard. I learned how to walk, stand up to use the bathroom, and I learned just how precious life is. I’ve had some tremendous assistance to rebuild my life. I’ve also had some less than pleasant experiences too.

Five years of recovery, five years of dealing with pain, non-inclusivity, disappointment. Except for a handful of positive empathic individuals that have greatly impacted my life. Making great memories and huge smiles. Thankful to those people that have BIG hearts and want to be difference makers!

Finally, years later, the piss and vinegar flowing through my veins is being harnessed for positivity. I am mentally and physically able to now proceed after successfully overcoming numerous speedbumps. I am doing everything I can to make my future bright! I may be disabled with a brain injury, however, I’ve turned my disability into my competitive advantage.

Peter Milobar, MLA, Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for Kamloops-North Thompson

I’ve used that negative energy to fuel my entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired to want better, not going to settle for mediocrity. I do not over promise and under deliver. Supporting the small guy makes a huge difference! One of the many good things that came out of building my business is my dog Pilot!

As I move forward in life, beating to my own drum, I will never forget what got me here. Life doesn’t get easier and I am falling forward, never back! Nothing good is easy.

Work smarter not harder!

GREENMINIdesigns Ltd. Clients

I’m going to change the game, we can do this together!